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    Trainee Applications

    Hello, thank you for checking out MCPartyWars and being interested in joining our team! I am very happy to announce that Staff Applications are open! Please do make sure to read all of this, as it can contain tips & tricks on getting accepted.

    I have listed a few crucial things that you need to know;

    A Make sure to respond in long answers when needed. For example, ‘Why do you want to be a part of MCPartyWars?’ The answer should not be, ‘I like mcpartywars and want to become staff to help and make it better.’

    B Take time over your application. Your application should not take too long, although creating a 10-minute application will NOT be accepted. (and could also be classed as spam). Just express yourself and show us what you can do. Don’t ever stress over it, we’re all chill here at MCPartyWars. Think of it as a fun experience.

    C Make sure that every box is filed in when necessary otherwise, your application will be ignored. Don’t waste your own, and out time.

    D Be polite to all! Please only use the applications to apply for staff. As well as that, please be polite to the person reading your application and you will have a better chance at getting accepted.

    E We want to accept as many people as possible however, please keep in mind that we have a limit we cannot exceed. If you don’t get selected, please don’t get mad at us. Remember that you must gain our trust through the application, if you don’t, there is a high chance you will not get selected.



    • Do not exploit your powers, if you do things that you’re not supposed to do, for example, false bans, mutes & kicks. We also understand those things do happen occasionally though.

    • No cursing or swearing, that’s a pretty straight forward rule, cursing or swearing in your application will not just get you banned on the website, but also get you banned on our Minecraft Server.

    • We want everyone’s experience to be as good as possible. So please try your best to be the nicest to everyone you can. That includes using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc..

    • When In doubt, reach out to someone more experienced than you. They will be very happy to help.

    • Be respectful to everybody, (That includes staff).
    Make sure to fully read and understand the rules before writing your application.



    • You must be 13 or older, this is purely because of maturity, and can help with coping in hard situations.

    • You must have a decent reputation on MCPartyWars.

    • You must not have any bad or permanent punishments on MCPartyWars.

    • You must understand and know about hacked clients and hacks.

    • You must have been playing on MCPartyWars for a fairly long time.

    • You must have a good past experience of banning, muting & kicking hackers.

    Tips & Tricks:

    Before you apply, it is advised to read these as it contains a few tips and tricks on getting accepted;

    • Being friends with a staff member. (You may stand out of the crowd?)

    • Are you a mature player?

    • Are you an active/contributing member of the community?

    • Can you be active a lot?
    ------------Helping Others------------

    Helping Others, is a great trait to have and can boost your chances crucially. Taking time out of your day is a great way to show the staff members that you’re worthy of becoming staff. Helping others isn’t just telling them what to do in the situation, it’s also comforting them when they need it. Something that should NOT happen is if you just join 24/7. Although, that may seem like you’re impressing the staff… you’re actually showing them that you can’t relax.

    Chat, Following on from the last point on ‘Helping Others’ joining 24/7 isn’t helping you get promoted, we would prefer it if you don't stress yourself out answering questions, it may come as a shock at first when you get promoted and you want to help out Everywhere. Make sure to be polite in chat as other members may reply to your application positively, and that shows us your reputation on the server is great! If the community doesn’t like your application or the attitude you give during games, it can negatively reduce your chance of getting accepted. So be careful of what you say to others.

    Showing Dedication to MCPartyWars, Spending your own time on MCPartyWars can be a real hit to staff, however, we do not want to see how much time you have to spend on MCPartyWars, (Spending too much time, doesn’t only damage your mental health it can also show us that you’re taking this for granted.) Try to be as active on the server as possible, whilst not being on for too long. Make it fun, not a hassle!

    Keep your time on MCPartyWars clean, We are all fine with a few subtle punishments, just nothing major like permanent/bad bans, mutes etc.. Having a little amount of punishments or none shows us that you can be trusted and you can be left without supervision. Also means you are not very mature or can’t handle mean comments.

    Dealing with being denied, Once your application is posted, it is public. (Anyone can view it) People may mini-mod, and rate your application. If you have many bad reviews it may mean your application was rushed or incomplete. But.. don’t let those comments bring you down! The staff team are the real ones to review your application. Please do not get involved with arguments on the forums, if a user didn’t like your application please don’t stress and be mean to them, as it will affect your application. Make sure to gather all your feedback and add into your next application.

    Being denied & accepted, If you, unfortunately, get denied you will get a comment from a staff member stating that, please don’t reply with bleak attitude. (There are many others that get denied too!)

    If you get accepted, a staff member will get you to join our Discord and you will take an interview, if you pass that interview you will take 2 more just to certify you’re the right person.

    Good Luck in your applications.

    Thanks for reading this! (If you even got this far!)

    I hope you all get a good chance at getting accepted.


    MCPartyWars Team


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