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Yes, that’s right. MCPartyWars has a Discord. Feel free to join if you want. (Lot’s of interesting things on there)


Max M | MCPartyWars CEO

Builder Applications

Hey! Welcome to the Builder Applications. Builder is an important role here on MCPartyWars, each member of the team is respected. We are looking for some of you to help us on our journeys. This page is to tell you how to apply for builder. Becoming a builder is a huge role! You will have to be on often and make your creations full to the brim with creativity. As a builder you will get creative mode, build, vanish and many more. If any of these permissions are abused you will be demoted straight away. It is recommended that you read this whole post as it can contain tips and tricks on getting accepted.


How can I apply?

To apply, just create a new thread called ‘{Your Name}’s Builder Application’. Just copy and paste the questions onto your application.

How long will it take for the staff to read my application?

It won’t take longer than one week unless notified.

If I get denied, can I re-apply?

Yes, you can re-apply! Just wait 3 weeks after your denied application.

What happens if I get accepted?

If you get accepted, a Manager, Developer or even the Owner will reply to your application.

Tips & Tricks;

You must answer every question, even if you don’t think it’s necessary. Try to add as much detail as you can, as it can really impress the Staff reading your application. Please post your BEST builds as we would love to see them. If unfortunately you get denied, please wait 3 weeks to re apply.

We wish everyone who is going to apply the best of luck!

Have a good day!

MCPartyWars Team

Ingame IGN:



Have you been punished on MCPartyWars before:

What’s your knowledge on WorldEdit and other relevant plugins:

How long have you been on the MCPartyWars community:

Are you well known for your kind...

Trainee Applications

Hello, thank you for checking out MCPartyWars and being interested in joining our team! I am very happy to announce that Staff Applications are open! Please do make sure to read all of this, as it can contain tips & tricks on getting accepted.

I have listed a few crucial things that you need to know;

A Make sure to respond in long answers when needed. For example, ‘Why do you want to be a part of MCPartyWars?’ The answer should not be, ‘I like mcpartywars and want to become staff to help and make it better.’

B Take time over your application. Your application should not take too long, although creating a 10-minute application will NOT be accepted. (and could also be classed as spam). Just express yourself and show us what you can do. Don’t ever stress over it, we’re all chill here at MCPartyWars. Think of it as a fun experience.

C Make sure that every box is filed in when necessary otherwise, your application will be ignored. Don’t waste your own, and out time.

D Be polite to all! Please only use the applications to apply for staff. As well as that, please be polite to the person reading your application and you will have a better chance at getting accepted.

E We want to accept as many people as possible however, please keep in mind that we have a limit we cannot exceed. If you don’t get selected, please don’t get mad at us. Remember that you must gain our trust through the application, if you don’t, there is a high chance you will not get selected.



  • Do not exploit your powers, if you do things that you’re not supposed to do, for example, false bans,...

Trainee Application Questions;

Welcome to the Trainee application questions, here you can find the question you will need to answer tp apply for Trainee. If you haven’t already please read the Tips & Tricks, as it has Requirements, Rules and Tips & Tricks for you to read, reading the Rules & Requirements are compulsory!


How old are you?

What's your ingame IGN?

What time zone are you in?

What languages can you speak?

Do you have Discord or TeamSpeak?

Do you have a working microphone and can speak?

What experience do you have on Moderating server?

How long have you roughly been playing on MCPartyWars?

Can you record in a decent FPS and Quality?

Why do you want to become staff here on MCPartyWars?

What’s your knowledge on hacked clients?

How many applications have you made on MCPartyWars?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for reading & answering all the questions! All questions are required.

Please be patient and wait for us to read your application.


MCPartyWars Team